Your Vacation Activities

Here at Lautan Kupu Kupu we are dedicated to make your vacation one of your most memorable ones and hassle free.

Scooter & Motorbike rental

Bali bed and breakfast

From trail bikes to scooter rental - the perfect way to get around locally


Bali bed and breakfast

Lautan Kupu Kupu's beach vicinity and serene grounds serves as the backdrop for our Yoga and Fitness Program. Our varied classes and workshops include body-aligning yoga, Bikram and Yin to name just a very few. Whether you’re still attempting downward-facing dog or you’ve mastered durvasana, from novice to expert, we can organise teachers and trainers to welcome all fitness levels.


Bali bed and breakfast

De-stress and unwind during a full-body massage with light to medium pressure in the privacy of your own massage area attached to the room. Our massages will soothe your body and mind, transporting you to a tranquil state of relaxation.

Airport transfers

We will provide you with the drivers telephone number who will be waiting upon your arrival, to take out any hassle of airport transfers. We are also able to arrange an air-conditioned car with an English speaking driver for whenever you require.

Balinese cooking classes

Bali bed and breakfast

In the comfort of our hotel’s kitchen, book a cooking class for your holiday. Our Balinese chefs will show you traditional cooking techniques and flavours that will impress your friends and family at dinner parties back home.

White river rafting

Bali bed and breakfast

Bali is an island of adventure and white water rafting is one activity that you must to do while your vacation in Bali . Test your adrenaline; embrace the sensation and thrill of conquering the rapids of the river with family and your friends.

Island tours

Bali bed and breakfast

The charm of Bali is that it has everything - beaches, mountains, jungle, shops galore, unbelievable restaurants, nightlife, and the most delightful people with a culture immersed in tradition and Hindu religion. It is an energetic place in parts, and an untouched paradise in others. Bali is known as 'The Island of the Gods' and is a natural paradise for an unforgettable holiday. Our in-house local guides will give you an experience that is genuine and a true reflection to the charms of Bali. We can provide full day tours or whole island expeditions (3-4 days).

Boat transfers

Bali bed and breakfast

Bali is the stepping stone for a magnitude of Indonesian islands, our concierge service will provide you with car and boat transfers to other islands.

Snorkelling trips

Bali bed and breakfast

Colourful fish, tropical reefs, and warm water await your Bali snorkelling experience.

Diving trips

Bali bed and breakfast

We will set you up with the best diving organisations in Bali and beyond. We use trusted companies that will make your diving experience one to remember.


Bali bed and breakfast

With the best surfing beaches Bali has to offer right on our doorstep, go it alone or let us organise you surf lessons. Your local instructors will have you 'hanging ten’ in no time. Whether your a beginner or just a little rusty, the instructors will help your surfing destination at all levels.

Horse riding

Bali bed and breakfast

Exhilarating horse rides in the rice paddies, village or on the beach for all ages. What better way to experience Bali. We also offer Therapeutic Riding for the disabled, plus Individual or Group Lessons.

Rice field tours

Bali bed and breakfast

Discover the natural beauty on walks through the rice paddies in the spectacular heartland of Bali. Our variety of walks/treks will show you the working life of Bali farmers, irrigation canals and under the shadows of Bali’s misty mountains.

Waterfall adventures

Bali bed and breakfast

Did you know that Bali is home to many beautiful and natural waterfalls, most of which are literally off the tourist path? If you’re feeling adventurous and really want to enjoy lush beauty at Bali’s best - ask our team to organise you a waterfall adventure. You won’t be disappointed and you will be guaranteed a refreshing treat.


Bali bed and breakfast

From volcanoes to lush jungle treks - most are less than two hours away from our hotel. Our guides will show you the perfect day-trip full of adventure and spectacular views.

Trail bike tours

Bali bed and breakfast

Enjoy A-grade dirt bike and enduro trails that Bali have to offer. Let the professional dirt-bike team show you natural wonders of Bali. Meet the beautiful people, interact with the locals. Explore Bali's ancient remote villages, beaches, mountains, and rice paddy fields. Want adventure? This will definitely get your adrenaline pumping!

Volcano and hot springs tour

See the whole island from our volcano treks - then spend the afternoon soaking in hot springs to sooth your weary legs.

Helicopter joy rides

Bali bed and breakfast

With 20 years of flying experience in Bali and a 100% safety record, The Helicopter Tours and Charters operate with Western Pilot and Engineers. 6 days a week, they give you a bird's eye view of Bali's stunning scenery, to areas not accessible by road.

Kids day out

Bali bed and breakfast

When you imagine Bali, you probably think of a romantic vacation with your spouse, not a family vacation, but Bali with kids is purely magical. Let us arrange your children’s day out; to include, A water Park, tree top zip line and a real life safari. Your kids will be memorised.