About Us

Nestled amongst the picturesque rice fields of Pererenan, Lautan Kupu Kupu estate is a stylish property positioned 100 metres from Canggu/Pererenan Beach and only a little further to the famous Echo Beach. This luxurious villa delightfully pairs eclectic Javanese & Chinese antiques with new-classic Balinese architecture.  

Here at Lautan Kupu Kupu, we create an atmosphere to symbolise your perfect “home away from home” feeling. 

Capturing the true essence of Bali with the ocean as a backdrop, our large, cosy living spaces and the estate’s 19-metre swimming pool brings carefree and barefoot to a new dimension.

Bali and the surrounding area


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Bali offers an unbelievably wide variety of attractions, with countless reasons for coming to the ‘Island of the Gods’ to appreciate a truly unforgettable holiday – the welcoming nature of the Balinese people; the unique, vibrant and generous culture; the year-round warm climate; and the natural beauty of the island combine to make Bali a destination for the ultimate vacation.

There’s a special vibe here as well. An authenticity that is difficult to describe.  It has something to do with the Balinese themselves and their warm-hearted character. An easy and extremely safe place to travel, all Bali requires is the respect of the basic aturan in order to roam around on this tropical paradise without a care in the world.


Canggu, Pererenan & Echo Beach

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Bali is constantly changing. It’s dynamic and energetic.

Echo Beach and the surrounding area is no exception to the rule, being one of the fastest growing tourist spots on the island. Thanks to progressive development of infrastructure, local and international tourism and the influx of people from other Indonesian islands, there are now dozens of world-class restaurants, bars and boutique shops popping up in the area on a weekly basis, with many local warungs (small restaurants) providing deck chairs and bean bags for lazy sun-drenched days.

Some hugely popular restaurants and hangouts include:

– Deus Ex Machina: a surfboard, motorbike shop, restaurant and bar hosting great weekly Sunday night gigs that attract hundreds of young hip partygoers
– Old Man’s: this open air beach haunt has a mixed crowd of expats and trendy tourists staying in the Canggu area.
– Red Salt: a local restaurant that offers Balinese and international cuisine in the middle of the rice fields.

These places are a short walk from the hotel.

Surfers, too, flock to Echo Beach and its surrounds. The breaks here are some of the best in Indonesia. Throw in the hospitality of the locals, and it’s one of the friendliest as well.

There’s also a large expat presence with people from all over the world choosing to call it home. As a result, it has become diverse and multicultural, without the hustle and bustle of Kuta and Seminyak.